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Nepal Telecom (NT/NTC) and Ncell e-Sim in Nepal, Supported Phones [Check]

esim in Nepal is now available for both NT and Ncell users. According to NT officials, those Phones supporting eSIM can upgrade easily now. The existing prepaid and postpaid users could switch to eSIM free of cost.

The phones that support esim will show the message eSIM ID (EID) on the screen. The advantage of this virtual SIM (esim) also allows subscribers to switch from one mobile network to another without having to change the physical SIM card.

eSim in Nepal 2022:

esim in Nepal ( source: Easy Tips Tutorial)

In simple terms, an e-SIM is a virtual SIM inserted in the mobile phone. e-SIM means Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. You do not need to insert the e-SIM into the phone.

An esim replaces all the services of a physical SIM through an application and online system. It is a kind of microchip that is inside your phone and works the same as a SIM card.

Embedded SIM (e-sim or eSim):

eSim is already installed on the phone which means you cannot remove the eSim. Also, you can’t use it on all devices because esims are activated by telecom companies.

One more thing about esim is you do not have to change the SIM card when changing to NT or Ncell. Also, there is no need for a SIM card slot in your phone.

esim price in Nepal:

Initially, the esim service is rolled out for Nepal Telecom’s postpaid users in Nepal. The new users have to pay for the eSIM service and the charge is equivalent to the cost of the physical SIM. Also, Nepal Telecom is planning to launch the service for new prepaid users soon.

Similarly, Ncell is providing esim to their users. You can upgrade your current Ncell SIM to eSIM Free of cost.

How to buy esim in Nepal?

To buy esim in Nepal, you must choose the network carrier between Nepal Telecom and Ncell.

  1. To buy Nepal Telecom esim in Nepal
    • If you are a new user then you can visit the Nepal Telecom office with a photocopy of your Nepalese citizenship and pay for the price that is equivalent to the physical postpaid sim i.e. NRs 500. For existing postpaid users with physical sim, you can upgrade to Nepal Telecom (NT) esim free of cost.

2. To buy Ncell esim in Nepal

      • Upgrading your current SIM to eSIM is free of cost.

esim Supported Phones in Nepal:

Below are the handset models that support Ncell eSIM in Nepal.

  1. Latest models of iPhones
    • iPhone XS series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series & iPhone 14 series.

2. Latest models of Samsung

    • Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip series and Galaxy Z Fold series.

3. Google

    • Pixel 4 series, Pixel 5 series, Pixel 6 series.

Nepal Telecom eSim:

eSIM has now been available in Nepal from Bhadra 31, 2079 i.e. 16 September 2022 by Nepal Telecom for its subscribers.

Earlier the company signed an agreement with Monty UK Global Limited to provide an eSIM platform in April 2022.

You can visit Nepal Telecom Branches for esim inside valley regions in Nepal:

Branch Location

How to register esim in Nepal Telecom (NTC)?

The Nepal Telecom esim registration process starts with visiting the nearest Nepal Telecom office and filling up the form to activate the esim.

Those customers who are possessing android mobile phones can dial *#06# to check whether their set supports eSIM or not?

If your mobile set runs on Apple iOS, the operating system in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, check for the ‘add cellular plan’ option in the setting, which means the device will support eSIM.

The customer needs to complete a form and submit it to Nepal Telecom by physically visiting its office.

Ncell eSim in Nepal:

Ncell officially made the eSIM available to the general public in Nepal on November 25, 2022. Both Ncell and non-Ncell users can now get Ncell’s eSIM. Ncell is the second telecom operator in Nepal to launch the eSIM service in Nepal, the first is Nepal Telecom.

Ncell esim Activation Process:

You must fill out a paper-based new esim registration form and then submit it with a photocopy of your citizenship (both sides) attached. That’s it.

Nepal Telecom officials then proceed to activate eSIM on your phone. This process takes around 3-5 minutes. Other things you will receive along with esim are the paper that includes a QR code, ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) number, and an activation code. This information is useful when you want to switch phones or esim.

Note: In this case, if you want to go back to a physical SIM card, you need to visit the office again and fill out a form that requests “esim card change to physical sim card”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. When will esim be available in Nepal?
    • esim has already been launched in Nepal by both telecom companies. Nepal Telecom has made esim available in Nepal from Bhadra 31, 2079 i.e. September 16, 2022. Ncell officially made the eSIM available to the general public in Nepal on November 25, 2022.

2. Does esim available in Nepal?

    • Yes, esim is available in Nepal from 16 September 2022, at Nepal Telecom and 25 November 2022, at Ncell.

3. Does Ncell support esim?

    • Yes, Ncell supports esim. Ncell is providing esim to their users now. Upgrade your current Ncell SIM to eSIM is Free of cost.
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