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How to buy the best Gaming laptop under 1 Lakh 50 Thousand: Buying Tips

When you are choosing to buy a gaming PC, it is very difficult. Having to choose a gaming laptop having the best features is also more difficult.

Before buying a good laptop, we must consider some of the major factors that affect its quality and standard. Now in this article, we are going to understand what things are important for buying the best of the best laptops.


buying the best of the best laptops

Weight is one of the most considerable factors for the laptops to carry when business trips, college days and other research projects. The heavyweight of laptops can problem for those people who want portability and comfortability.

Around 1.5KG is good and tolerable. It can be carried easily whenever, wherever. Some models come to weigh over 5 kg which can be bulky and heavy.

Some lighter laptops that are around 1.4KG to 2KG are also good for performance. If a student thinks about bringing their laptops to workplaces, universities, and colleges every day, they also need to consider their weight when choosing a laptop.


The size of the laptop

The size of the laptop is another factor in the choice of laptops. Everyone likes to play on the bigger screen, but this means you have a bigger and heavier laptop. Gaming laptops usually have a diagonal of 13 “to 18” inches.

An 18-inch notebook can reach almost 50 cm in width and 35 cm in length, and carrying it will undoubtedly be a problem. A 14 or 15-inch laptop will be 35/39 cm wide and 23/27 cm long, not too big, although it will be larger than standard laptops.

Graphics card

Graphics card of new laptop

NVIDIA dominates the graphics card brand in the game laptop. So far some models of AMD. Best Gaming Laptops Cards are NVIDIA RTX-20 Series; These are used in higher-end models and that in addition to excellent performance, they allow you to use technology technology technology.

Laptop Processor

Of course, the heart of gaming laptops is the processor. As with desktops, we are also seeing new processors offering faster frequencies and more cores. A more modern processor with a price range ensures better performance and portability of a gaming laptop.

In turn, a good processor allows for optimized gaming and overall stability: a powerful processor can affect everything from frame rate during gameplay to battery performance.

For example, if you want to stream or record games while playing games on a gaming laptop, one of the features of your computer should be a high-end processor. Software that records game sessions requires adequate processing power, especially if you want to stream via Twitch or other channels.

This means a powerful processor is essential if you want to maintain good gaming performance while preparing your videos for recording or sharing streaming sessions.

In gaming laptops, Intel Processor is the most widely used processor. If you want to play with the free device, it is better to take an eighth-generation or newer i5 processor. Older models are less productive and less and less suitable for future games.


Video games can take up a lot of RAM; Nowadays, it is not advisable to buy a laptop or PC without 8 GB of RAM. This is minimal with a sleek gaming laptop and classic multi-open browsing operations.

Ideal for gaming laptop is 16 GB. Usually there is only 8 GB of RAM on “cheap” models, while 16 or 32 G on mid-range models. If your model is desperately 8 GB, you can increase the RAM on your laptop online at any time and install it on your system without major problems.


Nowadays, SSD memories are the norm for gaming and not. It won’t take long and the old HDDs will be completely rejected. SSDs work better than HD, so we strongly recommend that you buy a laptop with an SSD installed, at least to boot the system and possibly your favorite game.

Sometimes we find a solution with a dual storage device, a small 128 GB SSD or 256 GB, where we can run our operating system, the most important program and a 500 GB hard drive or 1 TB of storage for most files.

The hard disk or SSD can be replaced, so you can always upgrade to a larger or more powerful model. In addition to today’s classic HD and SSDs, you will find several systems with NVMe SSDs.


In video games, the graphical aspect is very important, as we have seen before, the most important component is the video card, but a good monitor must be close to a good video card for both the quality and performance of an image. A bad monitor can stifle the game’s FPS at a refresh rate that doesn’t match the performance of our gaming laptop.


The minimum resolution of any gaming laptop is 1920 x 1080 pixels. A laptop with a lower resolution than Full HD still shows gaming quality overall. However, lower resolutions require more system effort and often result in better gaming performance.

Laptops with 4K boards (3840 x 2160) are becoming increasingly popular due to larger image details. Systems with this resolution are usually very expensive because they require a fairly powerful video card and processor to provide the right frame rate.


A keyboard like a mouse is paramount in games, even on laptops where you can plug in a gaming keyboard, it’s an ideal solution. However, due to transportation or location, a real keyboard cannot be connected to our system, so we need to make sure there is enough support in our gaming sessions.


The most important thing about gaming laptops is that the battery life is short-lived. The more a laptop has a large screen, the more power it consumes and the less durable the battery, especially in the game.

While you are always trying to create less power-consuming video cards, you are also trying to create more powerful video cards. Laptops are still medium to high-performance systems that tend to consume a lot.


Therefore, before buying a laptop for any family member you can use these simple tips to check the performance of the laptops.

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